Before being an entrepreneur I am a woman, a human being or a normal person if you prefer! Even if I like sleeping in, listening to TV shows, spending the day wrapped up in a blanket, I chose to be an entrepreneur.

Not always an obvious choice, you might say, but it's the one I made anyway.

Does this mean that there are other choices... going to a bar with friends or finishing a new design? Spend the evening with your partner or finish sewing prototypes until the early hours of the morning? Staying in bed on Sunday morning or doing the accounts? Going to the cinema or participating in a networking event? But I'm happy with the choice I made and would recommend it to anyone!

The distance between your dreams and reality is calledaction.

Which leads me to tell you about a woman who took action with the utmost determination at a time when her financial life was not the easiest. Last week, I was saddened to learn of the fate of Micheline Desbiens, a local entrepreneur. If the name doesn't ring a bell, you're probably familiar with her product: Tutti Frutti modelling clay. A single mother creating a sustainable, quality, biodegradable product, the story is almost too good! Unfortunately, Ms. Desbiens is now in court to defend her invention.

Sadly, plagiarism is a scourge in many fields. As if being your own boss wasn't hard enough, you have to deal with other companies trying to copy you.

"She wanted to invent the best modelling clay in the world. A non-toxic, biodegradable, colourful, non-drying, non-crumbly, fruit-scented modelling clay. " - Radio-Canada

Animals made with Tutti Frutti modelling clay Photo: Radio-Canada/Martin Thibault

Desbiens persevered in creating her product, determined to find the perfect recipe. She succeeded and patented her invention, the fairy tale begins in 1993.

Today, she is determined to defend her invention in progress, to fight to win her case.

I wanted to share my heartfelt feelings with you, because not only am I a woman in business, but also a woman. And it's very important to believe in ourselves, in our projects, in our ideas. Micheline Desbiens is an example of perseverance and by sharing her story, I hope you will find positive energy in it, to push you forward. Take action towards your projects, no matter which one or how big they are, if you sincerely believe in them, nothing and nobody will stop you from achieving them.

Ladies, be proud of who you are and what you do! Take responsibility for the decisions you make. Go ahead and take control of your life.

We are behind you Mrs Tutti Frutti! Don't let go! ❤

Marilou xxx

Leave me your comments on this article, your inspirations, your projects, I can't wait to read you! 🙂


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