Marilou Design has been part of the Quebec fashion scene for over three years. A women's clothing line that takes care to create each piece to assume its femininity and authenticity. Today, I wanted to write you a simple text, to present you 10 aspects of the company that you may not know (or not yet!).

  • I started Marilou design at 21 years oldI am now 24 years old and I still have the same passion that drives me!
  • All garments are made in Quebec / Canada. Every step of the garment design is done in the workshop. They are all made by me or by experienced seamstresses, in good conditions.
  • The sense of detail is ingrained in my work, in the cut, quality and design of the garment. You are at the heart of the creative process!
  • A "Less is more" philosophy from the start. The durability of the pieces is taken very much to heart. I create simple looks to give you clothes that fit well, are versatile and that you will enjoy wearing for a long time.
  • Des vêtements axé sur le confort ! C’est littéralement le mot que j’utilise le plus souvent pour décrire mes pièces, mais VOUS AUSSI ! Donc, oui, le confort est une priorité et merci de me le dire si souvent ! <3
  • Un service à clientèle de proximité ! Plusieurs d’entre vous pourront confirmer, je suis toujours là pour répondre à toutes vos questions, en tout temps, par courriel ou par la page Facebook. C’est un plaisir pour moi de vous offrir le meilleur service et de vous partager une petite parcelle de moi, même à travers nos écrans ! <3
  • Style has no time constraints. Why should fashion be defined by a time value? The company Marilou design designs to evolve with time, not to be subject to it.
  • Quality is a priority! The choice of fabrics, the pattern development, the fitting and the manufacturing make Marilou design clothes quality pieces that you will be proud to wear!
  • Marilou design clothes are available online >> The company would like to extend its offer in the most beautiful boutiques, so suggest your favourite ones!
  • The home shopping experienceThe home shopping experience, to experience shopping differently! Have you ever seen a designer who comes to your living room to give you a unique shopping experience? 🙂 I do! Why do I do it? Because I make local fashion accessible to everyone! Hop off the web! Discover the company and try on all your favourites, stress-free and with your friends! Plus, the hostess gets some freebies!

So maybe you've learned some? Or did you just realise that you knew a lot about the brand 🙂

Anyway, I'm super happy that you're here, reading my words and following the progress of my business! If you liked it, or even if you have any questions or suggestions for me, don't hesitate to write me a comment here!

Marilou xxx


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