They had fun!

I had fun!

They enjoyed the experience.

I love giving you the experience!

Truly, every evening I have hosted has been authentic because of the women you are and I love meeting you in person!

What am I talking about?

From my home shopping service!

At Marilou design, it is important to us to make local fashion accessible and our home service is really there for you!

When you shop online... you may have found yourself thinking:

"I hesitate between this model and this one! "

"How great am I? "

"Is this the right colour to wear with my new trousers?

"Will this blouse go well with my entire wardrobe?"

"What kind of fabric is this? Is it soft? Does it wrinkle?"

If you're asking yourself these questions, you probably wish you had the answers! I have the solution for you!

Invite me to your house!

Home shopping is the perfect option to make your shopping easier! Trying on clothes has never been so pleasant! In addition to being in direct contact with me, the founder and designer of Marilou design (I'm far from embarrassing, I assure you! haha!), to help you discover my company, share my passion and, above all, give you the best advice so that every time you get dressed in the morning, no matter what your wardrobe is, you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful!

Now you might be thinking... yes, but what exactly is home shopping?

It's simple, it's a new shopping experience like you've never seen! I come to your home with my inventory of products for your personalized session! It's an evening with your best friends, your family or your co-workers to discover a local company, Marilou design. It's trying on all the pieces you like, asking my advice and the opinions of your friends and family. It's having the choice. It's about shopping without the pressure of shop assistants. It's also about taking the time to think about your potential purchase, to see what you can match it with and for what occasion. It's also the opportunity to spend a different evening with your friends, to have a good time, to check up on them while others are trying on clothes. Plus, it's the only way I know of to shop with clothes while drinking your little glass of vino 🙂

Did you know that?

This service ... I'm giving it to you for free! Yes! Just choose the date for your personalized experience and tell your friends that your next girls' night out will be at your place and you'll have fun like never before! No need to run back and forth between work, family, finding time for your Friday night with friends and finding a new blouse! Now you can shop from home! An online shop in your living room!

You also need to know the best part of this concept.

Be the hostess of a home shopping party and receive gifts!

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Presents! Presents! Presents! Gifts!

Yes! To thank you for inviting me to your home ... I'll spoil you! You will receive a gift according to the number of guests and a gift according to the purchases of the evening!

Plus, you avoid shipping costs, which I know aren't super fun, but are unfortunately part of the reality of running a business! (Thanks Canada Post 😛 )  

So it's really advantageous for you to become the hostess! Who knows? Maybe this evening you'll get a Marilou design garment at a huge discount 😉

Thanks for reading!

If you're interested, don't hesitate to ask me questions that I haven't answered yet! There might be some things you'd like me to clarify for you. To book your own evening, it's super simple, right here! I can't wait to spend some great evenings with you and your friends! 

Marilou xxx


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