It took me a long time to admit it to myself. I think I even met my pride for the first time in my life before I admitted it to myself; it was the best decision I ever madeto quit my waitressing job and finally be full time in my business!

As much as I was stressed about making this decision, I regretted not doing it sooner. But, there are all sorts of reasons and situations that make my journey mine, so spending energy on regret, in my opinion, is pointless. I think it's important to learn to stop putting pressure on ourselves, comparing ourselves (it's so easy!) and overanalyzing everything. We are all unique (yes, I'm addressing mostly women with this blog so the feminine prevails! hehe ), so we each take different paths. I've come to understand that no matter what our challenge is, we have to be ready to take action.

I'm writing this post, the first of the blog, to reveal a part of me. I'm writing this post to reveal loud and clear that I'm jumping into my greatest dream, my biggest project, my most intense pride; my company Marilou design. I've been running my business for a few years now, always in sideline of a job salaried job. The truth is that Marilou design is my life, my baby, it is not a sideline. Today, it is my business that led me to resign from my job and to devote all my will and energy to it.

Let's get back to this famous pride of which I confess to be guilty... Why talk about it?

Because personally, just announcing my resignation, announcing to everyone that I'm going into business full time, that takes courage! I take my hat off to all the women who have done it! I had to pound on my pride to silence the famous questions that keep coming back:


Are you able to make a living from your business? Oh yeah, you're quitting your job, what are you going to do? How are you going to earn your money? And if it doesn't work, what are you going to do?


But with all the work I have done and the work I intend to do, I am proud to take action today. And I'm doing it with you. So it's important for me to share this moment with you, I took advantage of the blog launch to tint it with my colours 🙂

Someone once said, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

My business is where I am most myself, it's my passion, it's where I've learned the most about myself. I am a fashion designer. I am an entrepreneur. I go for projects, for my ideas, and I love it! Here, I felt the change, I couldn't help but live my desire to take bigger steps, to go faster, further and with you.

Entrepreneurship is not always easy. It's about stepping into the unknown, trusting your instincts, doing 12 jobs at once, choosing to make a difference for others and working for your mission. The thousand and one questions we ask ourselves are sometimes worrying, stressful, frightening, but that's part of the game . In an age where social networks make us dream, I decide to live each step that my company will bring me, each pitfall, each success, each discouragement, each pride, each uncertainty. At the end of the day, that's what life is all about, no matter what our job, our passion, our desires, we must learn to push our limits and live them.

My passion for fashion is my life! I live fashion. In my own way. With you.

Working to make a difference. In the world of fashion, as expressive in its beauty as in its darkness.

Entrepreneurship is possible thanks to risks. That's what I chose, the risk. And thanks to you, I am succeeding! In fact, thank you to each of you for being part of this possibility, of my project, of my life. Entrepreneurship has given me a lot in my personal life. To grasp one's own limits and push them, it takes more than just saying it. With your fears, your worries, your stresses, being your only limit, it takes strength to bring it into your daily life, no matter how.

And why "Another Blog"?  

In 2017, there's no denying that there are tons of blogs out there, and still!

With this new sphere in the company, we will move forward to get closer to you, to take the time to listen, to advise, to discover and to share! For those of you who have met me before, you know I love getting to know you in person, listening to you and answering your questions.

Today, I consider that I have a golden clientele for Marilou design. I am proud to be at the head of a local business, a business for you and close to you. I built Marilou design with my values; I believe in the authenticity of each of us, I encourage self-confidence, diversity and intelligent consumption.

In the age of social media, where only the best is projected, where we photograph the beautiful for the eyes and sponsor opinions, at Marilou design, we want to keep this closeness with you through this blog.

With Another Blog, we'll be openly discussing topics that are as important to you as they are to us, from clothing, care and wellness, to consumer habits and daily constraints.

I've started by sharing one of the biggest jumps of my life, hoping to inspire you to push yourself, whatever your challenge. Thanks for reading my first words here, now it's your turn to tell me about your dreams! We'd love to hear from you!


P.S: Laissez-moi vos impressions et commentaires sur ce premier article de notre blogue, ça me ferais plaisir d’avoir vos avis ! <3

12 thoughts on "The truth is that Marilou design is my life, not a sideline."

  1. marie-pier morin says:

    bravo you know I'm proud of you! don't give up and prove to all those who doubt that it's still possible even in 2017 to make a living from your passion, your dreams xx

  2. Valérie Potvin says:

    This is very inspiring your first "article" and very interesting 😀 ! I am proud of you!!! Keep being who you are and always surpassing yourself!!! xxx

  3. Carole Verreault says:

    There you go! You've taken another big step! How proud I am of you! You have learned and grown so much in this business that is so close to your heart! You have put in the time and effort, questioned yourself a little, but never lost courage and confidence! Your article is very inspiring and, I hope, will inspire others to believe, achieve and live their dreams. It's interesting to know the entrepreneur behind the business.

  4. Krystina says:

    Bravo Marlou! I am very proud of you, you are inspiring and passionate. Keep on going, I'm sure you'll be able to move mountains! (especially if they are in your way, big red!)


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